Author Topic: 9 Signs That Something Disturbing Happens With One’s Body  (Read 14 times)

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9 Signs That Something Disturbing Happens With One’s Body
« on: September 13, 2017, 09:59:08 AM »
This is not a pharmaceutical advertisement, but your body will really indicate if there’s something wrong with your nutrition. Once you grow up, you tend to choose what to eat and, sometimes, ignore bare essentials to keep yourself fit. It really takes us “an apple a day to keep the physician away,” isn’t it?

In case you are still blissfully living with your diet based on a single meal, here are some real good symptoms you should take into account in your body. Then, maybe, you will start eating a balanced set of food thereafter!

1. Digestion Issues

Whether you have constipation or diarrhea, this issue can range from petty to life threatening problem. Your body tells you that you lack fiber. High fiber meals, such as whole wheat pasta and bran flakes, will keep your digestive system happy.

2. Delayed Healing of Wounds

You don’t have to exhibit ridiculous regeneration activities, but a wound that takes too much time to heal says that you either lack calories or protein. In more serious cases, it indicates that you might be pre-diabetic, which is another lifestyle based disease.

3. Hair Breakage

Hair fall and brittle hair are normal to some extent, but if you think that this happens too often, it means that you need more protein in your diet. Protein rich food, such as eggs and meat, can solve this problem. Beans and nuts are suitable too if you do not eat meat.

4. Brittle Nails

Don’t think that you are some kind of a classy lady from a 1920s movie if you encounter this! Eat magnesium rich food, such as avocados, whole grains, and bananas.

5. Looking Older Than You Really Are

We all become older, but if you look like 40 in your 25, the poor diet is one to blame. You can still counter this by taking supplements and meals that are rich with anti-oxidants and Vitamin E. If you do not have time to search for such products, try fruits and vegetables. You’re welcome.

6. Cold Hands

The cold hands are normal when you are nervous or have bad circulation, but iodine deficiency also plays a role in this case. Sea products are rich in iodine, but yogurt and potatoes also work well in this case.

7. Fissured Tongue

That gross image aside shows that you really need some vitamin B. Fish, soy, and bran are recommended in this case.

8. Dry Skin

If winter is around, and the dry skin is pretty much common, but you should also check if you do not lack vitamin A in your body. Vegetables are a good source of this. If you do not prefer them, maybe, butter should suffice!

9. Crooked Teeth

To avoid this, you should cut off the excessive consumption of sweets and brush your teeth regularly! Also, you can eat meals rich in vitamin C if your gums are bleeding.

If you spot any changes in your body, the best option is to consult with your physician as soon as possible.