Author Topic: These Sensational Sculptures Defy The Laws Of Physics. Breathtaking!  (Read 98 times)

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Nowadays, art can do practically anything. Artists use extraordinary canvases, create unusual and incredible shapes, and do everything to surprise people. Today, we would like to demonstrate you 10 truly astonishing sculptures that will amaze you. It seems that these works exist in spite of all the laws of physics, and from certain points of view, they really do.

Here are these incredible sculptures, whose creators are true geniuses:

1. An elephant defying gravity, created by Daniel Firman

2. “Diminish and Ascend” by David McCracken, Australia

3. “Porsche 911” by Gerry Judah (United Kingdom)

4. Violinist bursting from the floor in the Netherlands

5. Balancing sculpture, Dubai

6. “Diamonds”, Australia

7. “Karma”, USA

8. “Great Challenge” by Nicolas Lavarenne, France

9. “Wonderland”, Canada