Author Topic: There Are Good Days And Bad Days To Start A Diet. Take Note Next Time!  (Read 31 times)

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Not every day is a good day to start a diet. There are many factors which influence when we start one. Here we tell you the best and worst days to start eating healthier.

The best day: When you’re ready.

Feeling prepared to change your eating habits will help you begin in a good mood and with strong will. There’s nothing like feeling confident on the day you start.

Normally, the most successful diets are those which begin with a “call”, whether it’s because your doctor told you something serious about your health, or because a friend got sick or you’re suffering from low self-esteem.

The best day: After your birthday.

Experts call it the “fresh start effect”, when people tend to feel more desire to begin something positive (like a diet) after a birthday. This is because people have a greater urge to improve since they feel “renewed”. It’s as if our batteries are fully charged at 100% and ready to use.

The best day: Monday.

Mondays represent a “new beginning” in our minds. That’s why any Monday is a good day to start something and bring order. It’s like a ‘refresh’ button.

The best day: Any day in October.

November and December are months full of food, desserts and candy. So, if we begin a diet in October, we’ll be preventing a large weight gain during the following months. Going on a diet during this month is more like a preventative step ahead of the end-of-year holiday period.

The best day: After a big life change.

It could be a new job, a move, a break up or something which makes us feel like our life needs something different. According to experts, this is an ideal moment to change certain habits, including our diet. You can begin by removing cream from your coffee or sugar from your tea.

Worst day: New Year’s Day.

The bad thing about New Year’s is that we make a lot of resolutions. If we’re being honest, most are difficult to accomplish. So our goal of going on a diet becomes just one more item on the list. It loses value. The best thing to do is to make this decision during a moment of less chaos and partying, when you’re more aware.

Worst day: When you have important work to do.

During situations of stress and concern, the mind isn’t ready for new beginnings or important decisions. During a time when you’re already experiencing a lack of time or sleep, imagine adding a diet on top of that. It doesn’t sound good at all, right?

Worst day: Friday.

Friday is a day for going out with friends. There are temptations and cravings for those on a diet. In fact, when we’re following a diet, nutritionists often recommend being more lenient on Fridays or Saturdays, so that it doesn’t become torture. Occasionally, a piece of cake or an ice cream can be just what the doctor ordered.

Worst day: Saturdays or Sundays.

Weekends are terrible for beginning a diet because we have more free time. Having so many hours without a strict schedule to follow makes it more difficult to lead a healthy routine of good habits. Also, on these days we tend to eat out, and ordering a salad… doesn’t sound so appetizing.

Worst day: Right after a vacation.

Planning a diet after a vacation is a bad idea. This is because it leads to situations of overeating while on vacation. The common thinking is: “It’s no big deal. I can eat a lot of cookies and desserts because, after all, I’ll begin a diet when I get back.” Does this sound familiar?

Now you know. If you want to begin a diet (and not give up after a week), keep these simple tips in mind. Are you ready?