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~ Fruita Swipe : Fun Puzzle Game! ~


Fruita Swipe : Fun Puzzle Game!

The game Fruita Swipe 2 is a sequel to a famous game that became a smash hit online and on smartphones. Now you too can play over 100 levels, in which you'll need to combine these juicy fruits to complete various challenges and get those coveted 3 stars at the end of each level. The longer the combination you make, the more points you'll get. How far can you reach in this game? Let us know!

Read Game Instructions :

How to begin

Click on   to begin the game
You must create combinations of 3 or more of the same kind by sliding your mouse pointer (or finger) from the first one to the last.

On the upper part of the screen you'll be able to see the objectives you must complete. For example, at the first stage you'll need to collect 9 grapes - not in one time, but during the level.

On the right, upper part of the screen you'll be able to see the number of moves you have remaining, and the number of stars you've received this level according to the points you've made. You must complete your objectives before you run out of moves.

After you've completed the level, click on the green arrow which will take you to the level map, where you can choose the next level. As you continue, you'll find the game becomes more and more challenging.



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