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whats happening? stabbing for refusing love?


a recent event made to write about it. when scrolling over a news read a girl was stabbed for refusing a love proposal  :( . whats happening out there >:(. this is not the first event or will be the last :-\. already many events occurred like stabbing,acid attack and even killing that person or the guy hurting himself or emotional blackmails or even sucides. how could u really say that u loved that person :o if u can hurt them .  lets say that u dont like ice creams and someone give it to you what will u do? you will simply say no bcoz u dont like it.same law apply here if u have choice to choose wat u like, then why can't a girl can >:(  it can be anything right from things they watch,eat,shop to the guy they choose.
if u really love someone for the person they are , then u can't even raise a finger over them. love is not a thing which can be bought or bargained with. it can only be given , cannot be taken.

becoz our society treats girls like objects


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