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Malaysia to Amnesia


Malaysia to Amnesia Review

Star Cast : Vaibhav, Vani Bhojan, MS Baskar, Karunakaran, Riya
Director : Radha Mohan

Director Radha Mohan's Malaysia to Amnesia follows the tried and tested formula of any comedy entertainer in which the protagonist gets into trouble because of a blatant lie.

Arun (Vaibhav) is a successful businessman who leads a peaceful life with his wife Suja (Vani Bhojan) and their daughter in Chennai. Vani's uncle (MS Baskar) comes to Chennai to investigate a potential groom for his daughter and stays in their house for a while. In the meantime, we get to know that Arun has an affair with Bhavna (Riya) in Bengaluru. To meet Riya, Arun tells his wife and family that he goes to Malaysia on a business trip. But the flight to Malaysia goes missing. Now, Arun should say yet another lie to his family to avoid any trouble.

Arun and his friend (Karunakaran) find out a solution according to which the former doesn't remember anything that happened in the past. Can Arun come out of the trouble? Especially from MS Baskar, a suspicious old man who has the habit of investigating everything around him.

Malaysia to Amnesia is not the best work of Radha Mohan but the film is watchable for MS Baskar who is in a tremendous form here just like how he was excellent in the director's previous films.

Vaibhav and Karunakaran's combo works to an extent while Vani Bhojan fits the bill. But the problem is that after a point, Malaysia to Amnesia gives us a severe TV serial vibe.

We can easily predict what would happen in the next scene except for the final climax twist. There is nothing new in the film so, the film tests our patience post the intermission.

On the positive side, the film's runtime is less than 120 minutes so, it's not a tedious watch. To conclude, Malaysia to Amnesia is an average comedy entertainer that can be watched once for a few laughs.


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