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« on: December 18, 2015, 11:14:17 PM »
I am human too

I look to the sky
And ponder who am i
how am I defined
to what will I be confined

This body isn’t mine
I am trapped but I do not whine
Secrets are my accomplice
War wages inside of me
A battle that is sometimes unseen
Or unheard in this society

I am human too you know
So why am I highlighted
Why am I potrayed for what I am not
Unacceptable I have become…in your preset minds
Why this bias…I am a person too

Blood runs in my veins
Tears flow from my eyes
I just want to live my life
Is that too much to ask
If you could only see
I am just like you
Human in everyway.
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Re: Poems
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The Parched Land

Mother earth mourns and cries
Yet you her children despise her counsel and rebuke
You have become like a prodigal son
Forgetting the one who nourished you

Who can match the wrath of nature
Unleashed to awaken the selfish generation
Sun has creeded judgement on you
Water has refused to flow on you

Tears of farmers flow like streams
Yet she does  not yield  and refuse to be consoled
She has embraced dust as her companion
Consuming skeletons of life in to her belly

She has become a barren woman
Her womb has been shut
Parched and cracked has become her robe
What remains are mirages of hope

Once adorned now she is scorned
Her only possession are portraits of a season long forgotten
Laying barren and forsaken she whispers in the hot dry wind
The story of her unrepentant children.
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Re: Poems
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Re: Poems
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Little ones are a gift from heaven
They are to be cherished and nourished
No mule or calf is made to work until the appointed time   
Yet the children of the great human race are exploited

Why should a child be the provider?
Why should he be made accountable?
Why should he be subjected to the rod?
Why should he be used to fulfill the greed of society?

Who has killed the twinkle in the child's eyes
Who has made his tiny hands coarse?
Who has put his lamp under the bushel?
Who has made his birthright just a dream?

Is it the harsh whip of poverty?
Is it the intense greed of the powerful?
Is it the bliss of ignorance?
Is it the society that has been swallowed by indifference?

When will this cruel cycle end?
When will the twinkle in his eyes be restored?
When will the fear in his heart be far removed?
When will his confidence be regained?
When will he be a child again?

Rise up and hear his plea
Underpaid and Underfed
Unseen and Unheard
His case is made in the open market place

Enough is enough
Do not abduct him from his childhood
Do not put a stumbling block in the course of his destiny
Redeem him from this falsehood
Come and defend the future of the nation.
Say no to child labour.
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Re: Poems
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Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype
Are faithfull companion you spend hours with
Gazing the virtual world littered with photobombers
You like and dislike and add comments too

Mama used to say walk with your heads held up high
But In the train side walks malls and even at homes
You walk with heads bowed down
Bowed down to social media
Texting and messaging instead of talking

On facebook you just stare at the wall
Viewing friend request wondering if you know them at all
Next you tweet what you bought at the mall
Youtube the next collection of fall
And maybe skype with Kamal and Jamal

Distance is no match for these machines
It holds minds captive in its unending web
Hypnotizing all who patronize
Enslaving them in the virtual world
Gaining followers and likes is what that matters most

Meaning hides behind the print on the screen
Feeling and Expression are replaced by smileys
Thoughts and intentions are all coated
Post after post, your every move is posted
Do you have a clue who has noted?

From the world we resign
To make way for the Internet to reign
Privacy is lost…. what will be the cost
Social networking has no mercy
Thoughts exposed, consequences forgotten

Words are the ultimate weapon
The phanthom awaits ..wounding the unseen
Scrambling to keep your statues updated
Don’t forget your life is being outdated.


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Re: Poems
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Re: Poems
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Reena sis oru valiyaa unga poems ellam padichiten. Kudos

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Re: Poems
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When my heart sinks
Tears swell in my eyes
As a forerunner to reveal the brokenness of my heart.
Tears trickle down and wet my cheeks
Triggering flashes of bygone memories.

Is Love too much to ask
Maybe i am just not meant to be loved
Maybe i am just meant to be a candle
A candle that gives light and melts away

Words seem to want to burst out like streams of water
Without a set course and fill this page
But then who would understand these words poured out
Poured out  by a heart that is almost losing hope.

This sinking heart sighs
Sighs and tries to calm the spirit in me
Time to put on a smile and carry on being a candle
A candle that gives light and melts away

But it’s so lips refuses to smile
Tears won’t allow my eyes to glow
A quiet still voice inside me says...stop expecting
Expectation leads to disappointment
A check on history confirms it

This feeling is just for a time
It will soon fade away
just to come another day
Till then I’ll be in my imaginary capsule of love.
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Re: Poems
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wow sis wonderfully written and every word of it is true...detachment is lonely but i learnt it is the only refuge from getting hurt :)
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Re: Poems
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Eni sis waaare vaaa !!! ithu ithu ithu !!! ithuku than na solluven im ur fan for ur englipish nu  ;D Enna bathil..chaaaa chance se ilaaa siss enaku than onnume purilaa  ;D aana edhoo perusaa sollirukinga nu mattum teriyuthu loneliness aa pathi  ;D

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Re: Poems
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Reena Sis Kudos !! I read all ur poems sis but i found this is one of the best. Keep writing sis  :) Lop u & ur poems choo much !!

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Re: Poems
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Face lines of tension,
Heart beat malfunction
Sweaty palms Shaky knees
What a mess

Tick tock is all I hear
In the mounting hill of fear
Books keep piling
Mind keeps derailing

This is my battle,
I do not want to gamble
Dripping Fear I have to rule
To make room for more fuel

Syllabus and chapters
Can’t seem to put it all in a platter
I need a divine Epiphany
To mellow in to a symphony

Coffee my mysterious mate
Loyal till the test of fate
How all this i hate
I can’t think straight so late.

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Re: Poems
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lol losh na lam onume ila reena sis oda compare panna...

reena sis keep writing!! best wishes

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Re: Poems
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The caged bird sings
Sings a song of memories
Memories of freedom
Freedom lost to the amusement of men

The caged bird sings
Seeing his mate take wing
And flutter imagining the wind
The wind below his wings

The cage bird sings
Awaiting countersinging from his flock
Imagining Skylarking
Between the rays of the opulent sun

The caged bird sings
In the narrow settings of his cage
With clipped wings and tied feet
Snacking and hissing

The caged bird sings
For fat worms and lush berries
For freedom to spread his wings and soar so high
The caged bird sings not knowing his song has made him captive.

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Re: Poems Caged Birds
« Reply #14 on: April 22, 2016, 01:58:17 AM »
The caged birds - Is a classic example of cruelty and the taking of ones freedom. It is the portrayal of suffering and loss of ones will.
It does not matter if it is the bird that has been the topic but the message is loud and clear. It is for humanity as a whole. Women, Children, Servants, Slaves, underpaid workers...