The glory of Life

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Based on a random thought "Life is Simple, if we all are simple" wrote a small piece of poem. If any suggestions to improve , errors in spelling, and to modify add or remove words can reply and comments as a feedback for my poem . I am just trying something as a beginner. So kindly need do your help, to improve writing poems.

Waiting for the past to go away
Go away means not to forget or remember
Just to move away from the memories.
Memories of past can no longer be in front
So there's no use for wanting to hunt
Life's purpose is to make or act in living
To make a living happy or sad is the mystery
To spend the money or save is a authority
To speak or listen to someone is a choice,
To believe or unbelive is a remark,
To remark something valuable is knowing the worth,
To identify truth or lies is not knowing the unknown or
Knowing the unknown is detrimental, unknowingly knowing is
a sign of conscious waking
Being lost into something dreadful is the real danger
When you fall, it makes to learn the mistakes and rise again.
Falling is not in our control, but rising more stronger than ever is
under our control or limits.
No limits to the sky or sea, No force can push a stone to its mere end
No darkness can hold or stop the tunnels to break or get repairs
Nothing stays with you not even our memories or battles
Time surpasses with each moment, each step or gratitude
towards emphasizing or reflecting one's own attributes
Nothing remains constant or life is a mean of balance
Balance means order, cycle or change in adapting to
each level or different battles to uplift into
wiser and smartest version of you.

Thank you all :)


superb  :) keep it up

Wow wave good one.. keep up the gud wrk..

Haha Alea Nandri ...nee matum peruke etra pole mystery ah irukure en kannuku :p

@Ryan : Thank you so much for feedback :)

@ Daffy : Sis hahaha :) Thank you :) Unkite irunthu etha poem varum ethirppakuren parpom :D


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