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Poems 2
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I never had a chance to say goodbye
I never had the chance to say how much I love you
Tears can never be enough to describe how much
I love and miss you
My thoughts have never strayed from you
My eyes have never stopped looking for you
My ears ever long to hear your sweet gentle voice calling out my name
My whole being is in need of you
No one can fill this vacuum
No one can understand me like you do
No one can love me unconditionally like you
No one can see me with the eyes you have seen
You are the strong tower I lean on
You are the gentle wind that comforts
You are the light that directs
You are balm that heals
I know you are in a better place
I know I have to rise up and take my place
I know that your love still surrounds me
I know you still live on through me
I love you so much
I miss you from the depth of my soul
I finally understand I don’t have to say goodbye
Cause you still live on and
One day we will meet in heaven
I Love You Mom
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