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certain moments...
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Certain moments in life, flows rapid with time or even scatter just like drops of water.

What bothers or hits the bottom of the rock in life, simply uncovers endless dark secrets.

The feelings or the touch of enlightenment for wisdom gains nothing, but change

to witness the purity of thought, miracles and hope of fulfilling a cup of cake.

There are certain things in life for which we don’t find out the exact answers.

Yet, people face their own problems in day-to-day life without the outburst of emotions.

To strive for a purpose and create serenity in life, that impacts the nature of driving

hard seas and coping up, to outgrow the emptiness or uplifting their own motivation.

The spirit of the soul to move on and rage with ceasing fire or impulse to credit their

involvement and strong willpower is mightier than those small troubles.

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Re: certain moments...
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wow! wave ss nenga ivalo alaga poem yethuvingala .... i didnt expect this from you..watta
brilliant msgs ..enaku pudhuccha line "There are certain things in life for which we don’t find out the exact answers"

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