Author Topic: One Heart: The A.R. Rahman Concert Film  (Read 379 times)

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One Heart: The A.R. Rahman Concert Film
« on: February 07, 2018, 01:13:20 AM »
One Heart: The A.R. Rahman Concert Film

One heart is an documentary picture describing about true internal feelings of the band people (singers,musicians and so on) used in his concerts ,efforts made in organizing it, and most importantly the endless joy resting in this work. This film released featuring A.r.rahman, jonita Gandhi, haricharan & some others with two of the bgm's in his composition's from roja and sounding millionaire. And in this movie A.r.rahman quoting "it's all about the music, my band, and my journey "....


"One Heart", as the name suggests is the title given to this Concert Film of Oscar Winning Composer Dr. A.R.Rahman, who stands as a Legend in the Indian Cinema Industry as well as in Hollywood. A.R.Rahman has completed 25 years as an Composer, Arranger, Conductor & a Brilliant Music Director, who has an intuitive idea what exactly the audience expects from him and what will appeal the listeners. Also, ONE HEART is the First movie, produced by YM Production, Chennai, established by A.R.Rahman himself.

A.R.Rahman has won many awards in his musical journey through the years including Grammy & Oscar. He is also known for Creative music experiments for his sounds and rhythms in his movie Background score as well as in LIVE Concerts. There is a lot of Hustle, Hard work & coordination going at micro scales whenever he goes for his Live concerts. This movie here describes the UPs and DOWNs that occur while designing a Live Concert. The points are put in front of audience, as a discussion between A.R.Rahman and the world famous Drummer, Percussionist & Music Producer Ranjit Barot, who has collaborated with the man in several projects since years and is still contributing. You will also see what other World Renowned Artists ( His Band members ) have to say about this genius composer.

A.R.Rahman fans always wish to know, what is the source of Inspiration behind the music of this God Gifted Composer and how does he comes across such marvelous melodies. They also wish to know How the songs are selected for a Concert or how things happen on Stage. REAL MUSIC LOVERS & RAHMAN Fans will find all their ANSWERS after watching this movie. The movie describes a lot about the REAL ESSENCE of MUSIC, how to pursue it and most importantly how to win HEARTS of audience.

This movie should not be missed at any cost and its worth watching a million times, because here one gets to know how a Brilliant Composer thinks, gets motivated and implements his thoughts into music.