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A feeling so strange, a feeling so weird
A feeling so overwhelming, starts small just like a seed
Grows so slow, grows so fast
Try to be faster, you'll always be last
How contradicting, so Ununderstandable
Yet, understanding should be unmentionable
With feelings, usually the brain stops
Only heart pumps till it pops
Yet, that…I don't believe and
What's going on here, I wanna understand
It's like the sun on a road
For anyone, not only prince toad
Shining everywhere, lightning everything
Yet, could you see? Not a thing
Maybe the light is too strong
Or maybe there is fog
How do you know? How could you tell?
If you saw nothing before you fell
Falling in love is like falling in a well
So deep, yet so beautiful, like a shell
So warm, what a feeling so strange!
It stays forever, whatever the age
Stone age, ice age, what so ever
This feeling will stay forever

*****Sahar Zaima****

"முகமூடி இல்லாமல் முகத்தை மட்டும் வண்ணப்பூச்சுகளால்அலங்கரித்து கொண்டவன் "