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« on: February 16, 2018, 07:36:50 PM »
Naachiyaar Review

Star Cast : Jyothika, GV Prakash, Ivana
Director : Bala

That truth can often be stranger than fiction is the point director Bala wants to drive home in Naachiyaar. Bala is known for capturing lives of simple people from the lower economic background with a relevant message to the society.There’s a lot that’s admirable about Naachiyaar particularly the simplicity of its characters and their actions. Unlike Bala films, there are no villains here and the film ends on a happy note.

Two teenagers Kaathu (GV Prakash), a fruit vendor and Arasi (Ivana), a house maid meet and start liking each other. The film opens  with a pregnant Arasi being nabbed by ACP Naachiyaar (Jyothika) and another team led by Feroz (Rockline Venkatesh) arresting Kaathu who is accused of raping a minor.

To be fair, the acting is consistently top-notch across the board. Newcomer Ivana, with and a pretty fresh face and large expressive eyes makes a wholly believable Arasi. Jyothika escapes the monotonous roles that she was playing in her last two films and as ACP Naachiyaar, a no-nonsense police officer, she shines. As an ass-kicking action star she is refreshing, and is a brave attempt from the actress.

The first half belongs to GV Prakash and he is so good and convincing that it’s hard not to succumb to his charm.Never turning Kaathu into a caricature or a stereotype, GV Prakash leads the way with a terrific performance that doesn’t miss a beat. There's no starry baggage in this performance, which easily counts amongst his best.

Theni Eshwar's aerial shots of garbage and lush locales symbolically represent the core plot of the film. The chasing scenes are top notch. Ilaiyaraaja proves why he is still the king of background score, his ability to travel along with the mood of the film is flawless. The crisp run time of 100 minutes is another big advantage for the film.

But having said, Naachiyaar is not a perfect film as there are a lot of loopholes. Will a senior officer in ACP rank waste their time over such a human rights case? And the brutal scene in climax feel forced and manufactured, just to give Jyothika's charcter a hero image?

On the whole, Naachiyaar is a film that starts off slowly but draws you into its drama. At a crisp 100 minutes, it’s a perfectly atisfying watch that deserves your time.