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« on: September 14, 2018, 09:31:57 PM »
U-Turn Review

Star Cast : Samantha, Aadhi, Rahul, Bhumika
Director : Pawan

Remaking one's own film is definitely not a cake walk because repeating the first time magic again that too in two languages is a tedious process. But director Pawan Kumar has succeeded in replicating the core essence of the original and he actually delivered a better screenplay this time, especially with the pre-climax portion of U-Turn (Tamil and Telugu).

Archana (Samantha) is an intern journalist in a reputed newspaper and to prove herself, she intends to write a story on people who take illegal U-Turn in the Velachery flyover. But when Archana approaches the first person who commits the mistake, he is found mysteriously dead and cops start investigating her. In the investigation, an intelligent cop (Aadhi Pinsietty) helps out Archana and they also find that people who have illegally made U-Turn on the flyover had committed suicide. Can Archana, her journalist friend Aadhi (Rahul Ravindran) and the cop find the mystery behind all these deaths?

Samantha who is normally known for playing bubbly characters has delivered a subtle performance in U-Turn. The actress has done a neat job in portraying the enthusiastic journalist who wants to prove herself in her profession, her short hairdo is another plus. Before the investigation process, we find Samantha to be an independent bold woman but once cops take her to the police station, she normally reacts to the situation just like any other girl so there is no forced 'heroin-ism' here! Aadhi repeats his Eeram role again and Rahul is adequate.

The only weak link is the choice of actors for the flashback portion. Bhumika is a miscast for the character and she couldn't perform on par with the girl who played the 'Maya' role in the original.

Pawan has added more thrill elements in the pre-climax portion by including a twist in the characterization of Rahul and the revenge angle. Otherwise, the director has only faithfully remade his original version. Another drawback is the film has a Telugu flavor to it in the dialogues that the Tamil lines doesn't sound natural.

Overall, U-Turn is a faithful remake with minor changes in the pre-climax portion which works in favor of the film.


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