Author Topic: T.V56 Universal LED TV Driver Board with LVDS cable/ keypad With Sensor Wired  (Read 270 times)

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Refer more for Lvds cables and pinouts
Descriptions :
1.Suitable for worldwide analog TV system PAL/NTSC/SECAM
2. LCD control board Support 3D board
3. Expanded port board can support1~2 AV input,1AV output,1YPBPR input
4. Reliable EMC and antistatic treatment measures
5. Automatically detect input video format
6. VGA +DVI +HDMI+USB inputs.
7. Built-in superior quality stereo speakers.
8. Support multi OSD languages.
9. Max supports Full HD lcd tv main board 1920X1080 resolution TFT-LCD screen
10. Dynamically adjust picture’s color , contrast ratio, definition and so on
11. Rating of Audio loudspeaker output is 2W*2(8ohm)
12. Universal TV Tuner Card support lot of panel
1.Firmware Writing
Step 1: Empty the U disk
Step 2: Copy the corresponding resolution program (*. Bin file) with the TXT file to the
U disk base on your screen size (If you have special screen requirement, please
google it.., about program,but normally the general
program is enough) :D
Other some models are also available jumber based PCB board manualy adjust resolution and  voltage jumper  (+3.2,+5,+12) and more options(serivice mode) etc... refer img..try matching lvds(cable) pinout...

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