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« on: December 06, 2019, 08:08:09 PM »
Jada Review

Star Cast : Kathir, Kishore, Yogi Babu
Director : Kumaran

Tamil cinema has come up with yet another half-baked sports film Jada. Debutant filmmaker Kumaran has delivered a disappointing film with poorly written characters, shoddy screenplay and diametrically two opposite halves. While the first half revolves around 7s football, the director introduces horror elements in the second half and unfortunately both the genres are not justified.

Jada(Kathir) is a fearless young football player in North Chennai. His coach tells him to play well so that he can get selected in Santhosh Trophy and eventually secure a job in sports quota. But Kathir wants to avenge the death of his childhood football hero Sethu(Kishore) who died in the violent 7s football (but where is the violence?) The local government has banned the 7s football but the neighborhood football committee lifts the ban after ten years. Now Kathir and his teammates enroll in the 7s football tournament. Can they come out with flying colors?

From the word go, the film looks amateurish. Be it the character establishment, screenplay flow, camera angle, and presentation- we see the immaturity of the team. Yes, there are seven friends but where is friendship? The love angle is there just for the sake of including a romantic track. We don't feel the spark in the football game and there is no emotional connect when Kishore dies. Everything looks generic and fails to connect with the audiences.

Kathir who has been choosing good scripts has landed in a wrong project with Jada. He has done justice to his role and performed earnesty but the script lets him down. There is no scope for him to perform even in the so-called emotional scenes. Yogi Babu's comedy tests our patience, the rest of the actors also failed to score.

Technically, only Sam CS' music is laudable but the other departments is below average. Overall, Jada  fails to deliver what it promised.