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« on: December 27, 2019, 08:16:59 PM »
Pancharaaksharam Review

Star Cast : Santosh Prathap, Madhu Shalini, Sana Althaf
Director : Balaji Vairamuthu

Debutant director Balaji Vairamuthu's Pancharaaksharam is a watchable supernatural thriller with the necessary elements to engage the audiences and also conveys the power of positive thoughts.

Five strangers get introduced themselves at a party. Among them, Dushyanth(Santosh Prathap) is a traveler who explains about a beautiful place which is his next destination. Impressed with the idea, the rest of them -- an aspiring writer Sameera (Madhu Shalini), a passionate musician Aidhan (Gokul), a philanthropist Jeevika (Sana Althaf), and happy-go-lucky guy Dharma (Ashwin Jerome) also decide to go along with Dushyanth. They share a good rapport and become good friends. During the stay, they play a game of reading out a random passage from a mysterious book. Strangely, things written in the book happen to the respective characters in the future. What happens next?

The intriguing basic plot helps the film to move at a racy speed from the word go. The first half of the film was quite impressive with well-written scenes and adequate performances from the lead actors. The film also progressed smoothly post-intermission before disappointing us with a weak pre-climax action episode. Among the five lead actors, Gokul and Madhu Shalini were pretty good while Santosh Pratap is decent. Sana Althaf and Ashwin were slightly disappointing compared to the other three lead actors. The villain's performance is another weak aspect of the film.

Technically, Pancharaaksharam looks slick with aesthetically shot visuals from Yuva, pleasing songs and thrilling background score by KS Sundaramoorthy.

Overall, Pancharaaksharam is a decent attempt from the young team. Give it a try if you are a fan of supernatural thrillers!