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« on: May 29, 2012, 12:32:11 PM »
I'm definitely deserted
Something is missing and I can't explain it
I tried checking myself but I can't find the perfect reason
I've caused so much trouble
And now, I'm seeking for an attention inside me
I'm forgotten in the sense that I'm wasting my time too much
And I can't remove this exotic feeling inside
I rise and Fall
This was a cold night after all
I'm helpless at this moment
We ignored each day and look the other way
But for me, It wasn't supposed to end this way
I'm alone.
I'm being different.
Not spirited.
I keep encouraging myself that everything happens for a reason
And I would really fight that it should be that way right?
I'm frustrated.
Their stories are different from mine
And they all end up having a happy ending
Their bringing me down but I'm still provoking myself thinking that everything should be okay in the end,
If it's not okay then it's not yet the end
I've met you.
You changed my life even just for a short time
I might be just lucky seeing a person like you
I've also met her.
I feel like strong when I'm with her but I'm really needing you
I'm not yet mature enough to think that at the first place, I should have chosen you
I'm now convincing myself that we never really ended
We just fell apart
You have your own world full of a heart filled place where you showcase your talents and skills
I really have no reason to stay:(
I'm far enough to reach you
Someone is now owning you and here I am watching both of you
Someday I promise I'll be gone
Every story really has an end
I still keep thinking that in life, every end is just a new beginning
Our paths would still soon meet
Our world would somehow bring us together
I'm still feeling the beat that there's still a chance that I'm still present in your heart even for the slightest chance it may seem to be
Could this really be the end of our story?
Life's indeed full of many challenges
I'm glad I've met you
If I keep on explaining the past and insisting myself,
It wouldn't do any good at all
It might be the reason for my extinction in your heart