Author Topic: What Excites Me - An article  (Read 523 times)

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What Excites Me - An article
« on: December 01, 2022, 09:09:42 PM »

What Excites Me

Anything and everything that’s under, above or beyond the sun is exciting, no doubts about it. I can briefly explain one or two things as examples because every thing is exciting when you get into the details of it.

Seen working armies of red ants ? The power in the unity is exciting.
Seen the work of Puffer fish under water ? The Architect in a fish’s brain is exciting. ( please go to YouTube right now if you haven’t watched it yet )
Any idea about parallel universes or the number of earth like planets  ? Unknown is exciting.
Lives of Shah Jahan, Nelson Mandela or David Attenborough.. Dedication and commitment are exciting.
I can go on and on..

I think we are some exciting creatures. Think about our evolution from the apes to where we are today now, in the Internet Era. I’m asking you to really think about that. Doing that ? Yes. Woah ! It’s something right. And for sure we don’t know what other creature will evolve like this in another billion years. Creation is exciting and we still don’t know where this all started, yeah.. the unknown is exciting like I already mentioned above.

We are the curious customers of the world who are enjoying the services and the products offered. We don’t know who is providing or how it’s happening. Yet we have what we have and we are more than happy with that. So I will say world(someone) is doing a real good business, taking care of its customers, not just us, all the other living creatures in the planet. Everyone are using the services provided. Also there are different segments among the users. For example,  Bees don’t see what we see, we see the colour green,  they see yellow and blue dots I suppose.  I’m just trying to say that the customers here have different needs and different vision.

So wondering about the unknown factors, customers need not understand the product, they might try to understand, few might, few don’t( like bees, cats or chimps) but everyone will be happy if the solution provides what’s needed and what’s necessary. And what if we can make the people just wonder about a product in aww just like we are wondering about nature. Win-Win.

Enough about business. Let’s get back to the blue planet. The other day I read an article about how THE Big Bang theory could be a wrong one, which we believed. Some people even claim earth belongs to all the other creatures living here and we(homosapiens) are the aliens Lol can you believe that ? Well, I am not taking sides with scientists or theorists. All I’m saying is, there is excitement with not knowing everything completely, We cannot possibly know. But the search is ON. So, thinking again.. I can definitely say what’s exciting is the SEARCH, for meaning, for purpose, for solution, for a great design and yes, also the search for a soul mate. :p

(Comment what Excites you, criticism - welcome,, tried to write something for a girl in linkedin, she was hiring, and she asked the people interested to write something on what Excites you.. asked to bring in customer insights if possible.. I thought I did some justice.. she didn't even see it, lol and am posting it here)

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Re: What Excites Me - An article
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2022, 10:59:27 AM »
Dichukeyyy, an excellent post. I'm contemplating. When you asked me, "what excites me" yesterday, I was frank and focused on one specific stimulus. But to be honest I find a lot of things exciting. Let me make a comment on your article before I continue. I wish I had your curiosity and enthusiasm for so many subjects. I was intrigued when you told me about the puffer fish's innate architecture. Yes, I also have curiosity about the cosmos and beyond. However, in my branch of knowledge excitement and curiosity are two distinct things. For me, curiosity may be unexciting at times. Still there is much to be excited about.

Watching the sunrise on the beach is exciting. It is fascinating to watch bees devouring flowers. I get excited when I see birds chirping. The murmuration of birds excites me. I get excited about looking up Jupiter. Books really excite me greatly. I love the fragrance of a fresh book. I enjoy seeing clouds underneath the mountain summits. A river in a valley excites me. Connecting with a long-lost pal excites me.

Lol dichukeyyy un post pathi pesa vanthutu, ennenna solraan paarunga rangeku pesite poren. Nethu nee kettappo nan overlook panniten. Ippo mandaikulla ithuve oditu irukku.

Your article made me think a lot. Lol, still contemplating. Definitely a great article dichukeyyy 👏👏👏

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Re: What Excites Me - An article
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2022, 11:32:41 AM »
dichukeyyyyy u kno what.. You excite me.. :p

Dangs uh dichukey.. aana idhu epdi irukunaa, poi padichtu comment pani vei nu naan keta madri apdiyae panirka.. ingayae epdi thedi thedi pakradhunu still exploring.. Un posts elam parkanum.. edhavdhu noteworthy ah irundha, help me find it, saryaa..  😂

Hmm.. curiosity and excitement are two different things for yu nu solra..
Enaku curiousityae exciting dhan ! When u r interested to kno something, apo dhanae adhu curiousity.. apo excitement ilama interest varuma ? Jus asking... ipdi pesina naama pestaeeee irupom pola..

Inga vera taktaknu un commenta refer pani type pana mudla.. varen next part ku refer panitu..

Vanten.. yur second paragraph.. waaw dichukey.. I kno all about the fragrance of the book to river in the valley, clouds under us from a peak.. except where is Jupiter..  show me some day :p

Hmm dichukey.. dangs ! Chinna pulla madri yaarachu kaithatuna nalla irukum nu keten 🤣

Nalla irukudhu!!

👏 to yu tooo :p
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Re: What Excites Me - An article
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2022, 02:13:51 PM »
Patrick, an excellent post…
But I need some years to read and understand your post..
So please be patience until I reply..
But naa itha solliye aaganum unga post vida ninja reply periyatha irukku rendu perum intha ulagathukku etho solla varreenga mattum puriyuthu..

Padichuttu varren
நன்றி இப்படிக்கு இவன்.          நன்றி இப்படிக்கு இவன்.           நன்றி இப்படிக்கு இவன்.