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Parris Jayaraj
« on: February 13, 2021, 07:20:56 PM »
Parris Jayaraj Review

Star Cast : Santhanam, Sastika, Anaika Soti, Prudhvi Raj
Director : Johnson

Director Johnson who made the hit  A1: Accused No 1 is back with Parris Jayaraj, another comedy-drama set in the North Madras.

Parris Jayaraj (Santhanam) is a popular Gaana singer on YouTube, his dad Prakash Raj (Prudhvi Raj) is a lawyer who is well-known for his divorce cases and also separate lovers for a hefty fee. Unfortunately, Parris Jayaraj's first love gone kaput because of Prakash Raj as a part of his professional service but without knowing that it's his son's love. After his first love failure, Parris Jayaraj falls in love with Divya (Anaika Soti). But here is the big twist, Prakash Raj once again becomes the villain for the love of his son and daughter, yes you read that right. Confused? Watch the film to know more.

The first half is boring with the usual counter dialogues of Santhanam and the gaana numbers. But the film gains momentum towards the intermission with an unexpected twist. From that point, the comedy one-liners evoke good laughter. The situations are funny in the second half, thanks to Prudhviraj and the tricky situation in which he gets stuck between Santhanam and Anaika.

Santhanam looks handsome and as usual, scores in the comedy sequences. He also shines in the dance department. Though Anaika has a good scope to perform, she only appears to be a pretty doll and not a sensible actress.

Prudhvi Raj is undeniably the biggest strength of the film and he is the rockstar! Santhosh Narayanan's songs and background score suit the comedy genre.

Overall, Parris Jayaraj is not as impressive as A1: Accused No 1 but thanks to the hilarious second half, the film ends up as a watchable comedy entertainer.