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JOB for Linguists
« on: December 15, 2018, 07:46:30 PM »
Job for Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam Linguists. Job description:

- Native speaker of the target language
- Can read and write fluently in the native script of the target language
- Has in-depth knowledge of phonetics/phonology
- Comfortable with transcribing in X-SAMPA/IPA
-Knowledge of unicode, computer/keyboard skills in these languages
-Cultural connection to & knowledge of corresponding language / region is important (eg movies, music, POIs, food, religion)
-Prior experience in localization, speech recognition/synthesis, transliteration is desirable
-Familiarity with other Indian languages desirable
-Education: MA or higher in Languages, Linguistics.
-Years of Exp: 2-5

The selected candidates will be working with Amazon/Apple team from a third party office in Hyderabad.
If interested send the CV to <[email protected]>. Please mention your current and expected CTC in the CV.
Thanks & Regards