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Job Openings in CenturyLink - Bangalore - Noida
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Hello All,

Designation  :  Associate Lead Analyst
Reporting to  : Technical Manager
Level 3 & Level 4

Here is the JOB roles and responsibilities :

•   7+ years of experience overall experience. 5 years building text Mining, NLP Machine learning and data science.
•   Concepts List - Machine/Deep Learning (algorithms, neural networks), Natural Language Processing (detection, classification), Computer Vision (object recognition/tracking, OCR/handwriting recognition), Speech to Text, Text to Speech
•   AI solutions – Virtual Agents, Video Analytics, Unique Identity/ biometrics, inference engines, intelligent/elastic search, ontologies/knowledge representations
•   Hands on experience in Deep Feed forward Neural Network, LSTM, CNN.
•   Strong Experience in NLP concepts and algorithms like LDA, word embeddings, Word2Vec, bag-of-words & N-gram models, POS tagging, TF-IDF, Sentiment Analysis,  Named entity recognition (NER), intent detection, sentiment analysis etc.
•   Strong in programing languages like Python, Scala, R (Strong hold on more than one language a Must)
•   Data Technologies – NoSQL, MongoDB, Neo4J, Oracle SQL, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Impala
•   Cloud based solutions such as Amazon AWS, MS Azure etc.
•   Strong understanding and experience in ML techniques: SVM, boosting, K-means, KNN, HMM, GMM, ensemble   classifier, deep learning etc. Publications in relevant fields in top-tier conferences and journals.
•   Good to have experience in Spark, Scala, Pyspark, Jupyter Notebook etc.
•   Affinity to learn and deploy solutions using latest / new technologies
•   Technically very strong, Strong communication skills, both written and spoken English
•   Must be quick to develop solutions, should have a sense of Urgency
•   Must have experience in various algorithmic solutions spanning across different types of data ranging from numeric, textual (structured or unstructured), images, and video.

Desired Characteristics:

•   Experience in Audio & Speech Analytics and GPU accelerated computing and develop solutions using them
•   Architect solutions by leveraging third-party cloud services, private APIs, and custom development as required
•   Proficiency in Cloud-based services, Service oriented architectures, Micro-services, distributed batch processing,  containerization
•   Active participation in Kaggle and similar competitions.
•   Active contribution to AI/ML communities

Interested candidates are advised to send their updated profile to below mentioned email ID :
[email protected]

Please DO NOT MISUSE this email ID .. Thank you in Advance !!