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Plan Panni Pannanum
« on: December 31, 2021, 08:22:51 PM »
Plan Panni Pannanum  Review

Star Cast : Rio Raj, Balasaravanan, Remya Nambeesan, Robo Shankar, Thangadurai, Munishkanth
Director : Badri Venkatesh

Plan Panni Pannanum has all the elements for a quirky entertainer and the film manages to keep us entertained till the first half with amusing characters and their funny problems. But the film struggles with a needless detour by exploring the problems of its female lead, her ambition, and the romantic angle in the second half.

Sembi (Rio Raj) and Raju (Bala Saravanan) are colleagues turned friends, the latter's sister eloped with someone, and to know her whereabouts, they kidnap Aambal (Remya Nambeesan) who helped Raju's sister to run away with her boyfriend.

Sembi and Raju come to know that the latter's sister is in Aambal's village and her marriage is about to happen the next day. Now, Raju, Sembi, and Aambal along with two comedy sidekicks (Robo Shankar and Thangadurai) decide to travel from Chennai to a village near Kodaikanal. Can they stop the marriage? Also, can Ambal go to the US to pursue her ambition?

As said earlier, the first half is quite entertaining and the proceedings make us laugh throughout. Even the first twenty minutes of the second half is okay but once the director starts exploring the subplots including Aambal's parents and their common enemy, the film falls flat.

Performance-wise, both Rio Raj and Balasaravanan share great chemistry and they excelled in their roles. Remya is adequate while Robo Shankar and Munishkanth are okay. Thangadurai is in fine form here besides Balasaravanan and Rio Raj.

The film is not technically sound, the cinematography and music are strictly average. The makers could've easily trimmed twenty minutes of the film to make it crisper.

Overall, Plan Panni Pannanum is an average comedy that has its moments but falls flat in the second half.